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Student Reviews

Attendees from "Chasing Denise" - A 911 Case Study (March 2017)

* "Great Presentation"          * "Amazing Presentation!  Very Informative"

* "This was a greatly informative presentation that was put together in an easy to understand way"

* "I thought it was phenomenal"          * "I wish every Dispatcher/Call Taker could see this"

"Thank you for opening our eyes"          * "It was awesome"          * "Very well organized and informative"

* "I thought the presentation was the best training from all aspects - So glad I attended"

* "Best use of visual aids EVER!!"          * "FANTASTIC!!"

Cadets Comments Attending the 131st Law Enforcement Session at the Suncoast Technical College - Criminal Justice Academy (October 2017)

" Overall, the block of instruction was extremely informative and fun to listen to.  The practical exercises and we learned a great deal of information that we can use in our careers.  The knowledge of your instruction was the most helpful.  The real-life criminal cases that you presented to us were not only eye-opening, but related to our careers as police officers.  Excellent job!  As a former educator, I absolutely was entertained, and I believe that to captivate your audience is the most important aspect of teaching.  The students were excited to come into class each day and you continued that excitement throughout the entire instruction block and throughout the entire week.  Thank you."

* "Amazing class, very informative, great presentations.  I have talked to others who did CSI training in other Academies and Instructor Schmidt far exceeded all other training.  Instructor Schmidt went above and beyond to teach the information."     * "Instructor gave very helpful tips and tricks that were beneficial to our future career."     * "Instructor was great about clarifying information and assisting students."                  * "Fantastic learning environm,ent."     * "

Cadets Comments Attending the 130th Law Enforcement Session at the Suncoast Technical College - Criminal Justice Academy (April  2017)

* "Best block.  Great presentation."     * "Most engaging and interesting instructor during this Academy.  Your knowledge, confidence and competence was excellent."     * "Excellent instructor.  All sections require this much attention."     * "The down to earth style of presenting helped me relate and understand the subject matter.  Hands down the best presenter and presentation to date."     * "Great course and could be taught in agencies in-service."     *Outstanding knowledge and presentation of the material presented by the speaker."     * "Great time with you and 'Vic".  You made it very easy to learn this subject.  You kept us all on the edge of our seats and that is great."     * "Great job using examples and real-life experiences."     * "Tremendous experience.  Transitioned well into teaching methods that clearly presented the book material."

Cadets Comments Attending the 129th Law Enforcement Session at the Suncoast Technical College - Criminal Justice Academy (October 2016)

* "Very enthusiastic!  One of the best instructors!!!"     * "P. Schmidt was an awesome and very interactive instructor."     * "Favorite instructor so far - reinforced book work with discussions, quizzes and hands-on activities.  Great at teaching."     * "Pam made sure we were engaged while learning and reviewed the information as she went, which was super helpful."     * "Very high energy.  Kept me engaged every day."           * "Created a fun and interesting class.     * "Awesome!  Made it fun to learn."     * "Pam Schmidt's subject knowledge and experience led to one of the best classes."      * "Excellent instructor.  Makes a fun learning environment."     * " One of the best instructors we've ever had."     * "Best teacher in the Academy."                      * "The standard when it comes to instruction, well prepared, interesting and enthusiastic."     * "Makes a fun learning environment."

Cadets Comments Attending the 128th Law Enforcement Session at the Suncoast Technical College - Criminal Justice Academy (April 2016)

* "Every segment that you taught was awesome!  I have learned so much in the last week!  The tests, quizzes, pictures, examples, PowerPoints, hands-on and lectures were incredible!"     * "You are awesome with a capital "A".  Your course material was great and you kept us into the subject through visual aids and just a great personality and light-heartedness.  Your attitude about work is contagious and made me genuinely excited to be stepping into this career field!"     * "Considering changing career to a CSI after going over this block."     *"Instructor was the best, in my opinion, out of all instructors so far"

* "Great job explaining the material.  You have been the best instructor I have experienced here at Suncoast.  Amazing personality and a cool teach teacher with Swag!"     * "Great instructor, very talented at your teaching method and job.  I would like to have you for every block in this book.  Awesome job Pam!"

* "Mrs. Schmidt was very engaging and informative.  She turned a chapter that I was previously indifferent about into one of my favorite chapters."     * "Wealth of knowledge pertaining to the subject matter."     * "By far the best instructor."     * "Mrs. Schmidt was an amazing instructor!  She deserves all 10's out of 5's.  She was so well prepared and she took the extra time to create so many study guides and practice tests, which really helped!"     * "Great attitude towards the material she taught."

Cadets Comments Attending the 127th Law Enforcement Session at the Suncoast Technical College - Criminal Justice Academy (October 2015)

Cadets Comments Attending the 126th Law Enforcement Session at the Suncoast Technical College - Criminal Justice Academy (April 2015)

* "Very informative instructor"          * "Very knowledgeable and informative"          * "Amazing instructor!"     

* "Excellent instructor! Adds a lot of insight to the job and makes you think"          * "Great instructor"

* "Very good. Thank you. You can tell she loves her job"          * "Very interesting presentation. Enthusiastic" * "Excellent representation of evidence & great interaction"       * "Engages the class & very knowledgeable."

* "Very energetic and extremely knowledgeable about the subject and a very good instructor. Some of the best energy we've had in instructors so far. Very well prepared with detailed PowerPoints. Great instructor."

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