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"The Education was Priceless"

“As an adjunct professor in the Keiser University Forensic Crime Scene program, I would not consider my semester complete without a presentation from Pam Schmidt. She has a rare ability to bring an academic program to life. My students were able to build a “real world” view from the semester’s lectures after Pam spoke. Some students were more excited to embark on their journey and some decided that forensic investigation was not for them. Either way, the education was priceless.”

 - Keiser University Forensic Crime Scene Biological Evidence Program -

"Her Professionalism is Second to None"

"The Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory is a multi-agency laboratory servicing all law enforcement institutions in and around the county of Sarasota. Pam Schmidt has been a liaison between the North Port Police Department and the SSO Crime Lab for many years. Her professionalism is second to none and her consideration of our time and resources is greatly appreciated. We can always depend on Pam to present NPPD evidence in a way that preserves its integrity.” - Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory -

"She is a Cornerstone in Her Profession"

“I’ve worked with Pam Schmidt for over 14 years. I know her to be dependable, articulate and trustworthy. She is a cornerstone in her profession. The duties that she performs are varied and plentiful but she makes her job seem effortless. She treats other employees, victims, suspects and even evidence with respect. I can think of quite a few cases that were enhanced and/or solved because of Pam’s ability to know what to do and get it done. Pam is confident yet humble and an easy person to talk to. I am blessed to call Pam Schmidt my friend as well as colleague.“

- Nancy Ludwigsen, Forensic Chemist

"...A Perfect Blend of Skills for an Event Coordinator."

Our company began actively participating as a vendor with PEAF (Property and Evidence Association of Florida) in 2006. Pam Schmidt was serving as the Conference Coordinator and had a very active, hands-on role with the vendors. We participate in many conferences located around the country every year, and I still recall how impressed I was with PEAF. We’ve never had any event treat us as graciously and courteously as Pam did representing PEAF. Having a Conference Coordinator actually hold a vendor meeting and ask us for input on break times, lunch schedules, etc. was very refreshing and made us feel like we were valued contributors to the conference. This year will be our 11th year working with Pam and, over the years, that same level of attention to detail has never changed. My combined association with Pam in her role as Conference Coordinator and as a crime scene investigator customer for our forensic products has given me the opportunity to know Pam quite well. She is a very talented, honest, down-to-earth person who listens and responds—a perfect blend of skills for an event coordinator.

- Melanie Huggins, President Medtech Forensics

"...More than a Text Book Learning Process."

Pam Schmidt from the Crime Scene Unit of the North Port Police Department, over the past several years, has assisted me in setting up mock crime scenes for my classes in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations at the University of South Florida, North Port Campus. Prior to the crime scene being set up, Ms. Schmidt comes to my classroom and demonstrates the proper way of collecting, packaging and the preservation of evidence for later forensic examination. This is a hands on classroom exercise between the students and Ms. Schmidt, prior to the outside field exercise. Ms. Schmidt and myself put the mock crime scene in place usually in a vacant field by placing mannequins and scattered forensic evidence. When the students are at the crime scene Ms. Schmidt and myself observe and assist the students on a hands on investigation on their part. The students are then broken down into two separate crime scenes and have to return to the classroom to present their individual scene to the other group. At this point Ms. Schmidt and myself evaluate their presentation. This type of cooperation between our college and a forensic expert like Ms. Schmidt offers a unique opportunity to my students to have more than a text book learning process.

- Professor William P. Kemper, University of South Florida - North Port Campus​

"...Provide Her Future Students with a Sound Foundation..."

Pam Schmidt has been a law enforcement professional working in the field of Forensic Science for decades. She not only has a deep knowledge of how to be effective in her field of expertise, but she has also developed meaningful insights into what it takes to be successful in this highly diverse and rapidly changing field. Pam's personal and professional journey has allowed her to gain even deeper insights in building a multifaceted, comprehensive view of her profession. Aside from noting accomplishments in forensics, Pam has also focused on teaching and instruction, as it motivates her to continue contributing to this field in a holistic learning process. As she instructs, she is often intrigued by the opinions of learners, tested by their inquiry, and inspired by their insights. I am confident that Pam will provide her future students with a sound foundation and the ability to adapt their skills and knowledge.

- Anthony J. Sirianni - Assistant Chief (Ret.), North Port Police Department

 "...Acute Attention to Detail"

“Pam has always balanced an acute attention to detail with a very personable professionalism that make her ideally suited as an instructor in the fine points of criminal forensics.” – Officer Ryan Crosby, North Port Police

"...A Recognized Expert in Her Field"

CSI Schmidt and I have worked a multitude of dynamic crime scenes together in the past five years that I have been assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit. On one momentous occasion she was able to obtain viable DNA from the fingertip of a latex glove that was worn by an assailant in a violent home invasion robbery. Without that key piece of evidence the case would have gone cold. Due to her tenacious work ethic she was the reason the case was solved. CSI Schmidt has also provided critical training to all of the sworn officers in the department through in-service training. She has also given countless hours of instruction to the North Port Police Explorers (our local high school cadet program). She has also volunteered her time for National Night Out and Shop with a Cop. Along with all of this she still finds time to teach at Suncoast Technical College - Basic Law Enforcement Certification. CSI Schmidt is a recognized expert in her field and a wealth of knowledge and experience to everyone she assists.

- Det. C. Maki - Criminal Investigations Unit - North Port Police Department

"...Having Evidence Explained Right....Made the Verdict Easier"

I found being a juror very interesting. Being able to hear the evidence and have things explained to me in language that I could understand and not feel inferior made me able to do the job being asked of me. Listening to a professional talk to me and not at me, in a slow confident voice and in "layman" terms made everything clear. Just having information/evidence explained right (so I could understand) made the verdict easier and more timely.

- Juror from a High Profile "Officer Involved Shooting" Trial that Led to a Guilty Verdict

"...Makes Learning Enjoyable..."

I have worked with Pam for the past eight years, both in the capacity of a Road Patrol Police Officer and a Detective. Her training and experience are invaluable. I rely on her expertise when it comes to investigating major crimes scenes. Her meticulous nature and attention to detail, coupled with decades of experience, makes her one of the finest crime scene investigators. Her lessons and ideas are thought-provoking, and her hands-on approach to teaching makes learning enjoyable. It has been a privilege to work beside her in the criminal justice field.

- Detective Shannon Fortuno, North Port Police Dept.

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